Mineral Water Pump Room, Szczawa

Drewniana pijalnia, przed nią fontanna z figurą.

Szczawa, a village located in the municipality of Kamienica (Limanowa Poviat), has springs of healing mineral waters. Water is highly mineralized, contains cations and anions of magnesium, calcium, carbohydrates, sodium and iron with an addition of lithium and iodine. Medicinal mineral waters from Szczawa (Szczawa I, Dziedzilla, Hanna and Szczawa II) are invaluable additions to the daily diet, especially for those with lithium and iodine deficiencies. Such water has anti-inflammatory and desensitizing properties, alkalises urine and stimulates metabolism in case of obesity. Mineral waters of Szczawnica can be tasted at the local Mineral Water Pump Room in the centre of Szczawa.


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