J. Szalay Pieniny Museum, Szlachtowa

    Welcome to the J. Szalay Pieniny Museum in Szlachtowa. We are going to take you on a trail through the history of the Pieniny region. You will learn about those who have lived here for ages before the Szczawnica spa was established. You will learn what the Dunajec River meant to them, what they wore and did and why some of them had to leave their homes and land. You are invited for a journey into the past.

     The Józef Szalay Pieniny Museum is located in Szlachtowa at the distance of 3 km from Szczawnica. It was established in 1959. Its first location was in the rooms of Dworzec Gościnny in Szczawnica. The Pieniny branch of the Tatra Society came up with the idea of a museum in 1893 but nothing came out of it. The idea was suggested again in 1919 by Konstanty Kietlicz Rayski, a painter and writer, and a man of letters by the name of Jan Wiktor backed him. However, it was only thanks to the activity of Highlanders such as  Michał Słowik, Stanisław Dominik, Wojciech Majerczak, Władysław Malinowski and the spontaneous action of many inhabitants of Szczawnica donating historical objects that led to its establishment. After a fire in Dworzec Gościnny 1962, the salvaged collections were stored in the basement of the burned building, then in various facilities. They were transferred to the Pałac villa at the Dietla Square in 1972.

    A new exhibition of the Pieniny Museum was opened in August 2014 in the former building of border guards in Szlachtowa that was converted for use by the museum.

    The exhibition occupies two large rooms divided into several zones. Passing through them, visitors learn about the history of the Pieniny region and the spa, and the material culture of the local Highlanders.

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