Route of Medieval Towns in Małopolska

Lanckorona rynek, stara chałupa po prawej stronie kadru, na pierwszym planie płotek drewniany
In Małopolska, there are many picturesque small towns originating in the Middle Ages. Here, the time passes somewhat more slowly, we may feel the idyllic atmosphere of serenity here. Most of them have their best years behind them, some have lost their city rights but these small towns have a lot to offer in terms of tourism and sightseeing.

The memorabilia of the rich history of these places are often characteristic urban arrangements and interesting buildings. Organisation of development of the town was dictated by the assumptions of chartering law, so these towns have a marketsquare which in the past was a central square of the town. From the square, the streets radiate, with houses whose gables face the frontage and utility buildings hidden at the rear of the plot. The original houses were wooden, log construction houses, with shingle roofs, those in the marketsquare often had protruding arcades or eaves built in that way mostly due to merchant traditions. In every town, we may find something special. The “Route of Medieval Towns of Małopolska”, includes twelve towns and villages: Bobowa, Ciężkowice, Czchów, Dobczyce, Lanckorona, Lipnica Murowana, Nowy Wiśnicz, Stary Sącz, Szczyrzyc, Tuchów, Wojnicz and Zakliczyn.