Cultural Centre, Tuchów

Dom Kultury widziany z zewnątrz.

The Community Centre in Tuchów is a local government cultural institution that attends to the cultural life of the city and the municipality, supports the promotional activities of the Tuchów Municipal Office, and supports the implementation of Tuchów’s international cooperation programmes and projects with its partner towns in Europe. It organises events of a regional, national and international nature. There is a ‘Promień’ 3D digital cinema with 188 seats here and a Tourist Information Centre as a part of the Małopolski Tourist Information System. There are 43 information centres operating as a part of the MTIS in the entire Małopolskie Voivodeship. Visitors, tourists and anyone interested can use the Internet, free publications, folders, maps and guides. The Community Centre in Tuchów publishes the local ‘Kurier Tuchowski’ newspaper and manages the Municipal Museum in Tuchów. This is where the editorial board of ‘Tuchowskie Wieści’ as well as many organisations and associations have their offices.


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