Town Hall, Tuchów

Stojący na środku rynku ratusz w Tuchowie.

The C-shaped Classicistic town hall with a basement was built in 1873–1874 according to the design by architect Franciszek Hackbeil. At the back is a small internal courtyard enclosed with a wrought balustrade between side wings. On the eastern side, the front of the building features the main entrance and a two-column portico with a balcony, and the town's coat of arms are affixed above the first-floor door (a ceramic mosaic made by Lubosz Karwat in 2007). A two-story clock tower overlooks the roof. Its lower tier with the clock is quadrilateral, the upper tier is octagonal. . The town hall  – the seat of the local government and the Town Council – the statue of St. Florian and the town square with its medieval urban layout are listed as historical monuments.


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