Poetic Apartment

In keeping with the spirit of the Polish avant-garde at the beginning of the 20th century, Wołkowski expressed the ideas of integration of various creative fields in his quest for a revival of craftsmanship and the development of national art. He sought collaboration between architects, artists and craftsmen. He developed the original concept of a ‘poetic apartment’ that he contrasted with the prevailing ugliness and industrial monotony. He shaped man’s environment in line with the harmonious structures of nature and higher mathematics. These aesthetic and philosophical theories materialise in the portraits, characters from literature, legends and history presented here. These characters include ‘Wajdelota’, ‘Fire Priestess’, ‘Rzepicha’, ‘Crying Joasia’ and, obviously, furniture sets with significant names such as Kurpie, Bachmaty and the Górnik (Miner) armchair.

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