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Astronomical observatory on Mt Lubomir There are green expanses of trees all around.
Whether you love of historical monuments, art, mountain hiking or traditional cuisine, Małopolska will not disappoint any of you. Boredom is not in our vocabulary, and the multitude of attractions that await you in southern Poland will fill every weekend for the rest of the year. On this occasion, we thought we would periodically suggest five amazing places and attractions in the region where you can get away for the weekend. Discover the beauty of Małopolska with us for an A-plus!

On the trail of stars in the Małopolska region

Gazing at the starry sky and observing celestial bodies is one of the most fascinating experiences we can have. Several astronomical observatories in the Malopolska region allow for a more comprehensive experience of heavenly wonders. The most famous of these is the Astronomical Observatory on Mt Lubomir in the Beskid Wyspowy. The facility is the only one in the country to offer displays of objects visible only in the dark night sky.

So be sure to check out their website for upcoming shows – pack your backpack and head out for a nighttime adventure! Suppose you can't get enough of the stars. In that case, there is also the Astronomical Observatory on Mt Suhora in the Gorce Mountains, the Youth Observatory in Niepołomice, or the first observatory in Poland at Jagiellonian University. From Małopolska it is definitely closer to the stars!

Małopolska flowing with wine

You don't have to travel to southern Europe to experience a taste of the finest wines and marvel at the idyllic view of vineyards stretching to the horizon. Just come to the south of the country to discover the Małopolska Wine Trail! Wine traditions in Małopolska are cultivated in addition to the beautiful natural surroundings.

The highest density of vineyards is in the vicinity of the picturesque Ojców National Park, Lake Rożnowskie and the Ciężkowice Foothills. Here, you will find more than 60 families of vineyards producing excellent wines, each with their own remarkable stories and unique flavours of the local vintage.  You can discover them on a car trip, but also on a bike! The Małopolska Wine Trail, in its cycling version, offers 22 routes of 30 to 40 kilometres, conveniently located near the vineyards of Małopolska. Yes, this is definitely the plan to follow for your next weekend getaway!

Where the oil flows

Did you know that it was in Małopolska that the world's first paraffin lamp was created? Among the region's most beautiful cities, this definitely stands out at the top. Gorlice, as it is referred to, is a place where you can feel the old Galician atmosphere, experience a mix of Lemko and Jewish cultures, and explore the subject of oil. It was in this area that a certain Ignacy Łukasiewicz founded the first oil field in the world.

One of the main attractions of the town is the ‘Magdalena’ Open-air Museum of Oil Industry, where you will learn about the history of ‘black gold’. The Gorlice Market Square and the beautiful Municipal Park are also worth a stroll. All this takes place surrounded by the mysterious forests and tracts of the Beskid Niski, the wildest place on the map of Poland. A combination of history, mystery and wildlife – the perfect recipe for an out of this world adventure!

On the medieval trail

They are small in size but big in spirit and history. Time passes more slowly here. An idyllic atmosphere lazily circulates through the narrow and old streets, and old crafts are still alive and cultivated. One is certain: the medieval towns of Małopolska will captivate you at first sight! On their trail, you can trace ancient stories and legends, search for fascinating historical and architectural details, and marvel at the incredible atmosphere taken straight out of a fairy tale.

Do you remember the history books from which we learned about the Middle Ages? Here, this knowledge emerges from the books directly onto the streets! The thematic trip ’Małopolska Medieval Town Trail’   is a collection of 12 unique and beautiful towns and villages: Bobowa, Ciężkowice, Czchów, Dobczyce, Lanckorona, Lipnica Murowana, Nowy Wiśnicz, Stary Sącz, Szczyrzyc, Tuchów, Wojnicz and Zakliczyn.

A mural trail through Oświęcim

Oświęcim, a city of challenging history, stands as a testament to resilience. It not only bears witness to a tragic past but also boldly displays its modern and vibrant side. One element of this transformation is the opportunity to discover its secrets along an unusual route - a path of large-format and colourful murals. Street art lovers will love this trail!

The dozen or so works scattered in various parts of the city allude in their form to the spread of peace in the world, the breaking down of barriers and the bold questioning of cultural stereotypes as well as fostering a spirit of tolerance. If you love street art and want to see what's happening in this field in the Małopolska region, Oświęcim should be on your must-see list! The city's official website has a map of the murals, which you can also request at the Tourist Information Centre.

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