Roma People Association in Poland, Oświęcim

Ściana ze czarno-białymi zdjęciami Romów.

The Roma People Association in Poland was established at the beginning of 1992. Its main objective is to promote the full participation of the Roma people in the life of the Polish nation they feel a part of despite their unique identity. The Association is active striving to improve the social, economic and cultural situation of the Roma people. One of the main goals of the Association is to commemorate the extermination and Holocaust of the Roma people. These operations consist of a wide range of scientific and publishing activities, the organisation of celebrations and exhibitions. Structures of the Association include the Roma Historical Institute, the only such scientific and research institution in Poland. The Institute cooperates with scientific centres, universities, instituted and others. A public library and an open archive whose collections are systematically expanded operate within the Roma Historical Institute.



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