Regional Chamber, Wojnicz

W przeszklonych gablotach znajdują się zabytkowe naczynia, na ścianach wiszą mapy i dokumenty.

Exhibits related to the past of Wojnicz and objects donated by people from Wojnicz living or working in various parts of the world are on display in this room. Most valuable of them include archaeological finds including mammoth bones, a Roman sword from the 2nd century AD found in Wojnicz, a 16th-century anchor used on the Dunajec River, documents and maps from the town's history, stone folk sculptures, craftsmen's guild exhibits, objects from the Galician times (partition period), a legionary’s shirt, weapons from the World Wars I and II, World War II memorabilia and Judaica. The memorabilia donated by the Wojnicz population include a collection of Japanese dolls and a vertebra from a whale’s backbone.


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