Hut from Płaza

Mała drewniana chata, obielona, nakryta słomą.

This small house was built towards the end of the 19th century. It initially stood in Płaza near Wygiełzów. There is only a hallway and a small room inside. The hut belonged to the poorest villagers. There is a clay floor in the hallway. One can see a quern for grinding grain into flour and a groats mortar. To the right is a small room in which a modest set of furnishings and crockery is on display. A canvas ‘husiaczka’ used as a cradle hangs next to the bed. Under the bed is a sheaf of grain on which older children used to sleep. In the middle of the room is a place where baskets were woven from pine root harvested from forest clearings. The sales of baskets generated meagre earnings.


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