House from Chrzanów

Drewniany dom, kryty gontem.

An 1804 small-town house from Chrzanów used to stand at the outskirts of Chrzanów, which lies at the border of Małopolska with the Śląskie voivodship and has 50,000 inhabitants. The building is made of wooden beams on a stone foundation. The wall beams were sealed with clay and whitewashed. The hip roof is shingled.  A clay grinding device stands in the hallway to the left. In the room to the right behind the grille is a kitchen with a pottery exhibition that offers a glimpse of a craftsman’s work in the first half of the 20th century. Two pottery wheels stand under the window. Each of them consists of two wheels: a top and a bottom one. The bottom wheel was set in motion using a foot and a pot was rolled on the upper one. Under the ceiling is a shelf for drying the products. And underneath are finished, already fired bowls, pots, jugs and other dishes. ‘Dwojaki’ or a double container with a handle is very characteristic. Children used them to bring meals to their parents who worked the fields. The large room is used for workshops teaching ceremonial arts. The chimney core in the hallway contains a smokehouse.


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