Church from Ryczów

Drewniany kościół widziany z boku.

This Roman Catholic church of the Triumph of the Cross from Ryczów was built by the Cistercians in 1623. Its original furnishings were acquired with the building. It is made of wooden logs and boarded with vertical planks on the outside. The building consists of two parts: an older nave with the semi-hexagonally terminated chancel and a tower covered with a bulbous cupola added in the 18th century. Its lower floor serves as a vestibule of the church that one can enter through the door with a decorative ogee lintel. There are three altars inside, all of them from the period between the 16th and the 19th centuries. The main altar decorated in the Baroque style features a painting titled ‘Triumph of the Holy Cross’. Two patrons’ pews stand by the walls on both sides. A pulpit hangs next to the entrance to the vestry and a carved wooden baptismal font from the turn of the 17th century stands on the opposite side. The chancel is separated from the nave with a rainbow beam on which three sculptures can be seen: Christ on the cross, the Mother of God and St. John. There are two side altars in the nave. To the left is a Late Renaissance altar with a copy of the Black Madonna of Częstochowa. To the right if a Baroque altar with the painting of the Virgin and Child with St Anne. Walls are decorated with 13th-century paintings discovered during the conservation work done after the church has been transferred to the open-air museum. They depict four bishops: to the left are St Nicholas and St Marcin, to the right are St Stanislaus and St Adalbert. Additionally, 12 round paintings depicting the apostles have been placed on the ceiling. Occasional services accompanying wedding ceremonies and traditional rituals are held in the church.


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