Mill from Sadek

Drewniany młyn kryty słomą widziany z zewnątrz.

The watermill from Sadek dates back to the second half of the 19th century and used to belong to the farm buildings of the Cistercian monastery in Szczyrzyc. The hallway contains a cereal box called ‘sąsiek’, a food cupboard and a groats mortar. On the rights side of the large room with clay floor is a stone-and-clay stove with an open hearth and a sleeping place behind it. Smoke used to be released to the attic through an opening cut out in the ceiling. To the left is a place for cows that were protected from theft in this manner and, additionally, their heat added warmth to the room during fierce winters. In the middle of the room is a shaving horse for planing wooden parts of cart wheels and rakes. 


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