Lipowiec Castle, Wygiełzów

Na oświetlonych tablicach wiszących na ścianie prezentowana jest historia zamku.

The permanent exhibition is located in the rooms of the former guest apartment arranged here in the 18th century. It consisted of two spacious residential rooms and a wardrobe. The first and smaller room has the original barrel vaulted. The other one had a wooden ceiling that no longer exists; it was replaced with a concrete structure. The castle chapel was here until the early 18th century, located according to the medieval tradition above the main gate with the altar oriented to the east. At present, it is possible to learn about the history of Lipowiec in this apartment and see exhibits found in the course of the archaeological work on the castle grounds. Such exhibits include fragments of weapons, tools, pottery and stove tiles as well as two escutcheons. The smaller one, made of stone, belonged to Bishop Jan Konarski; the larger, gypsum escutcheon is a copy of the cartouche visible on the walls of the interior courtyard. Also noteworthy among the exhibits is the blade of the misericorde whose name means 'mercy' in Latin. It was a small dagger popular with medieval knights, used to dispatch opponents who were wounded or dying. In the corner of one of the rooms are the remains of a fireplace from which the tiles on display may have originated.


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