Study, Karol Szymanowski Museum

Na pierwszym planie stoi biurko kompozytora a na nim zdjęcia i nuty, obok maszyna do pisania. Za biurkiem, pod ścianą stoi czarne pianino.

The study was the composer’s place of work. The room was reconstructed on the basis of descriptions and surviving photographs . On the wall to the right are a drawing portrait of Szymanowski, an oval photograph of his sister Stanisława Szymanowska with her daughter Alusia, and a photograph of the composer's parents Anna Taube and Stanisław Korwin-Szymanowski. Next to it on the wall hangs a portrait of Serge Lifar, painted after the Paris premiere of Harnasie and the ‘Two Women’ drawing made in Paris in 1931 by a French painter. Opposite the entrance is a reproduction of Tadeusz Pruszkowski's painting ‘Maski’ and a woodcut by Władysław Skoczylas from the former furnishings of the Atma cottage titled ‘Stary gazda’. The piano on which Szymanowski often played at the home of his Zakopane physician, Dr. Olgierd Sokołowski, stands in the left-hand corner of the room. Standing on the piano is a sculpture of the Virgin Mary modelled on a statuette Szymanowski once owned that came from the Zakopane School of Wood Industry, and photographs of the composer's family and friends. Under the window is a table that serves as a desk, on which sheet music and photographs of the composer’s friends and family are spread out.

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