Karol Szymanowski Museum, Zakopane

Drewniana Willa Atma widziana z zewnątrz.

Located in the centre of the town, the Atma villa on the Młyniska creek was built after 1890 as a typical guesthouse, one of many built in Zakopane at the turn of the 20th century for visitors coming there. There was no doubt that the place had a unique atmosphere as evidenced by the name the tourists gave to the villa. ‘Atma’ is a Sanskrit word that means ‘a soul’. Karol Szymanowski was visiting Zakopane from his early youth to settle there permanently towards the end of his life. Atma is currently the only biographical museum dedicated to Karol Szymanowski in the world. The collection comprises almost 1500 exhibits. The museum contains the composer’s personal memorabilia as well as letters, photographs, scores, records, documents, press clippings, concert programmes, periodicals, medals and distinctions, diplomas, handicraft, furnishings from the time of Karol Szymanowski's stay in Zakopane. A significant part of the book collection consists of books from the composer’s library that contain valuable autographs, dedications and manual notes.

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