Aleksander Orłowski’s Study, Castle

pomalowany na zielono gabinet Aleksandra Orłowskiego, przy ścianach stoją meble.

Aleksander Orłowski was one of the Oświęcim community activists whose patriotic attitudes earned him the memory and respect of the town population. He was the manager of the Oświęcim post office, a composer and the author of the town’s bugle-call. The exhibition features the original furniture from the flat of that renowned musician. The room also contains pre-war office furniture, a ‘Mercedes’ typewriter and a crank-driven telephone from 1930s. Noteworthy among the numerous trinkets is a wooden snuff box, a souvenir from an insurgent of the 1863 January Uprising. The oldest exhibit in the room is a map of the 1592 Duchy of Oświęcim and Zator made by Stanisław Porębski and included in the 16th century atlas by Ortelius. Simon Sirenius’ Herbarium of 1613 is another valuable exhibit. Inside, one can find descriptions and drawings of 765 plants, most of them medicinal, their uses as well as customs and rituals associated with plants. This work could be printed only thanks to the generosity of Crown Princess Anna Vasa, who donated money from the sale of her jewels for this purpose.


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