Royal Town Oświęcim

Na wystawie przedstawione są eksponaty związane z pocztą i fabryką wódki.

The town was called ‘royal town Oświęcim’ in the period of the Galician autonomy until the outbreak of the World War II. It was a prosperous time for the town’s industry, commerce and communication when citizenship improved and culture was developing. Oświęcim saw important historical events at that time and was a place in which the Jews and the Catholics coexisted in peace. The first part of the exhibition presents the architecture of the pre-war Galician town on the basis of archives, iconography and a 1939 film. The second part focuses on public life of the town. The exhibition also presents the Oświęcim industry at the turn of the 20th century, including the Vodka and Liqueur Factory, ‘Oświęcim – Praga’ Machinery and Car Factory and the Agricultural Machinery Factory. The last part of the exhibition is about various social and sports organisations and the education system in Oświęcim. Here it is possible to listen to eyewitnesses of the town’s history remembering good and bad moments of the life in pre-war Oświęcim.


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