Kitchen, Oświęcim Castle

Pomalowana na niebiesko kuchnia z białymi meblami wypełnionymi sprzętami kuchennymi.

The furniture from the early 20th century made by an Oświęcim carpenter are the basis of the kitchen equipment. The set consists of a sideboard with a characteristic pull-out pastry board, a large table and a small one, two chairs and two cupboards. At the centre of the kitchen stands a table on top of which there are copies of original recipes by Maria Longchamps de Berier-Bukietyńska from the turn of the 20th century. Numerous kitchen trinkets are on display in the sideboard: cake and muffin baking moulds including a 19th-century mould for porridge and vegetable pudding, cutlery, metal tea tins, pepper and salt containers, a metal coffee grinder as well as glass jars, water siphons and tableware. The 19th-century coffee roasting machine called ‘kawiarka’, used for coffee bean roasting at home, is a particularly interesting exhibit. In the 'bathroom' corner, you can see a wooden washbasin with a raised top with a faience bowl and water jug standing on it, a soap dish and toiletries including a hairbrush made of natural hair (1920s), a shaving brush and soap by the Majde company from Warsaw. There are also washboards there.


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