Catholic Apartment, Oświęcim Castle

W centralnym miejscu pokoju stoi stół z Pismem Świętym, po lewej od niego stoi manekin w złotej sukni, obok niego szafa z ubraniami.

This interior is decorated with symbols related to the Catholic religion. Like in the past, a stoup hangs on the doorframe where everyone entering the house could take holy water and make the sign of the cross. There is also a woollen Kosovar bed cover, a picture of the Dzików Mother of God, two porcelain candlesticks on the bedside table, a cross that was found in the Oświęcim Castle after the end of the World War II, the New Testament from 1923, a rosary from the early 20th century, several pre-war pictures and a manuscript of the 'Most Holy Dream of Virgin Mary'. A small children's corner with pre-war toys catches the eye in the room. There is a pram with a doll from the late 19th century, a set of letters for learning the alphabet, ‘Płomyk’ children's magazines from 1930, a wooden train and car. A wooden wardrobe with women’s clothes hides blouses and dresses from the 1920s, braided leather women's sandals with shoe trees, a fur-lined muff to protect ladies' hands from the cold and hairdressers' tools for hair styling. Accessories such as an ivory fan, hat pins and handbags complement the exhibition. The room is illuminated by a beautiful green lamp made in one of the Oświęcim plants.


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