School, Museum – Orawa Ethnographic Park

Drewniany budynek szkoły kryty gontem, z pomalowanymi na niebiesko drzwiami i oknami.

This wooden log building is covered with a shingle roof with abutments and eaves. An open porch shields the entrance. Inside is a large classroom and two rooms for the teacher: a living room and an office (opposite the entrance). In common schools children aged 7–14 were usually taught by a single teacher who often not only imparted knowledge but was, first and foremost, an educator responsible for the children’s upbringing, which was never an easy task. Interestingly, the teaching language changed in the Lipnica school four times due to changes of state borders. It was Hungarian until 1918, after that Slovak, then Polish, then Slovak again during World War II and then Polish from 1945 until the end of its operation, which is a good illustration of the tumultuous history of Orawa in general and Lipnica Wielka in particular in the first half of the 20th century.

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