Olkusz Bike Trails

Zdjęcie ukazujące Olkuski Rynek Główny. Na pierwszym planie fontanna, w tle zabytkowe kamienice.
The bike trails of the Olkusz City and Commune give an opportunity to learn the natural, sightseeing and historical benefits of the surroundings of Olkusz.
It is worth noting the black Bike Trail of the Border Cordon that forms a 20 km long loop. Its southern fragment runs down the former border of the Russian and Austrian partitions, and remains of former border watchtowers have survived near the trail.
The 38 km long blue circular bike trail connects the most interesting historical and natural attractions of the commune, such as the ruins of the castle in Rabsztyn, the Januszkowa Mountain or springs of the Sztoła River.
Tourists travelling along this trail can use the yellow trail of the Januszkowa Mountain. This short 4 km long walking trail makes it possible to ride around the Januszkowa Mountain – one of the most picturesque Jurassic hills.
The green Eastern bike trail in connection with the blue circular trail forms a 19 km long loop. The main trails are supplemented by four connecting trails.
Through the Olkusz Commune runs the red Eagle Nest Bike Trail connecting Kraków and Częstochowa – one of the most popular bike trails in Poland. Using this trail and Olkusz city trails, you can plan your own longer or shorter routes of bike tours around Olkusz.