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Uniwersytecka kolegiata świętej Anny Kraków

Academic Collegiate Church of St. Anne in Krakow

Wnętrze kolegiaty ze zbliżeniem na ołtarz główny i polichromie na stropie.
ul. św. Anny 11, 31-008 Kraków Tourist region: Kraków i okolice
tel. +48 124225318
The academic church of the Jagiellonian University, built according to a design by Tylman of Gameren, is one of the most beautiful Baroque buildings in Poland.
The façade is designed to fit into narrow ul. Św. Anny, which ended with the battlements. The interior of the temple built in the 17th century is decorated with a stucco decoration by B. Fontana and polychrome by K. Dankwart. In the transept, there is the confessio with the relics of St. John of Kanty canonised in 1767.