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Stanisław Czarniecki Cookbook Museum in Chrostowa - Obiekt - VisitMalopolska


Muzeum Książki Kucharskiej i Kulinarnej imienia Stanisława Czernieckiego Chrostowa

Stanisław Czarniecki Cookbook Museum in Chrostowa

Muzeum Książki Kucharskiej
32-742 Chrostowa Tourist region: Pogórza
tel. +48 123858771
The Museum is run by the Dolina Raby Social Cooperative.
The museum was established to promote the knowledge of Polish culinary art and the national, regional or local cuisine, as well as to promote the oldest Polish cookbook “Compendium Ferculorum – Albo Zebranie Potraw”. At the Museum, you can get acquainted with several Polish culinary publications and learn how to prepare your own dish based on the recipes contained therein and under the guidance of an expert.