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Olkuskie Spacery Historyczne

Olkusz Historic Walks

From 2019-06-28 to 2019-06-28
Zdjęcie ukazujące Olkuski Rynek Główny. Na pierwszym planie fontanna, w tle zabytkowe kamienice.
Organiser: Miasto i Gmina Olkusz
Join us on Friday, the 28th of June for the “Olkusz in Old Postcards” historic walk, taking place as part of the “2019 Olkusz Historic Walks” series.
The participants of the walk will assemble at 5:00 p.m. at the MSiT Tourist Information Point at Floriańska 8. There, they will be met by historian and employee of the Municipal Office, as well as Marek Piotrowski, a collector of postcards from Olkusz, with whom they will go on a walk around Olkusz, comparing the appearance of the city today, compared to that recorded on postcards from a century ago. The walk will also offer an opportunity to learn many interesting facts about the Olkusz publishers of postcards and photographers, as well as the buildings and objects that were presented on the postcards. Marek Piotrowski, who will lead the walk, lives in Olkusz. His collection, which has been gradually expanded for the last 15 years, comprises several hundred postcards featuring the Olkusz region. Several years ago, The MOK Cultural Centre presented the “Olkusz in Old Postcards” exhibition, which showcased more than 150 archive postcards from the early 20th century, depicting Olkusz and the Olkusz region, loaned by Marek Piotrowski. What is more, two years ago, the Olkusz Municipal Office published a book entitled Olkusz na starej pocztówce. The programme of the Olkusz Historical Walks is available on the Organiser’s website.