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Sanktuarium Matki Bożej Zwycięskiej Odporyszów

The Shrine of Our Lady of Odporyszów

Bogato zdobiony prospekt organowy.
Odporyszów, Pl. Kościelny 1, 33-240 Żabno
tel. +48 533838652
The Shrine of Our Lady of Odporyszów is located in the centre of the town. The miraculous image of the Mother of God has been venerated here for over 400 years since the time it was placed in a little local church of St Margaret.
Of special importance was the apparition of Our Lady in 1657, which occurred during the Swedish invasion known as the Deluge. At that time, a newly discovered spring provided strength and faith in the victory to the people who were hiding away from the invaders, while its water had the power to heal wounds and cure the sick. Since then, the worship of the Lady of Odporyszów developed rapidly, attracting pilgrims even from far away. A new church was built in 1702 for the ever-growing numbers of pilgrims and the chapels of the Seven Sorrows of Mary followed together with the Way of the Cross and the Chapel of the Holy Spirit. In 1937, the miraculous painting was crowned. Today, the most important festivals in Odporyszów are the Feast of the Descent of the Holy Spirit, known also as the Day of Pentecost as it is celebrated 50 days after Easter, and the one-week long feast beginning on the 8th of September, the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary.