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Smocza Jama Kraków

Smocza Jama (Wawel Castle)

Na zdjęciu można zobaczyć ziejącego ogniem Smoka Wawelskiego.
Kraków Tourist region: Kraków i okolice
Organiser: Zamek Królewski na Wawelu
The Dragon's Den is located within a small horst in the Wawel hill. It is unique on a Polish scale because it was created as a result of circulation of high temperature water.
The Smocza Jama cave is located within the small Wawel horst. It is unique on a national scale, as it has been formed due to the circulation of waters with the higher temperature. The total length of its corridors is 271 m, of which 81 metres are available to visitors. The entrance to the cave is located in the area of the fortified tower, the exit – at the Wisła boulevard below the buildings of the Royal Castle. It is guarded by the statue of the Wawel Dragon breathing fire.

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