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Ulica Żydowska Tarnów

Ul. Żydowska in Tarnów

Tarnów ul. Żydowska 1
ul. Żydowska, 33-100 Tarnów Tourist region: Tarnów i okolice
The settlement of the Jews in Tarnów concentrated around ul. Żydowska. It is the oldest part of the Old Town’s part inhabited by the Jews.
Ul. Żydowska leads from the Tarnów market square to the square where the Old Synagogue was standing. The historic tenement houses along the street come from the 16th century and represent a model of development characteristic of the the Jewish districts, where they tried to use the space in the best possible manner. The traces of mezuzot in the doorframes of the houses, which could be found here until recently, attest to the originality of the street as a place where the Jews have lived for centuries.