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Bicycle route “Along the narrow-gauge track” in the municipality of Miechów - Obiekt - VisitMalopolska


Trasa rowerowa „Szlakiem wąskotorówki” w Gminie Miechów

Bicycle route “Along the narrow-gauge track” in the municipality of Miechów

ścieżka rowerowa w lesie
Scale of difficulty: For beginners
The new bicycle route, opened in 2020, is 9.1 km long. It runs through forest land, arable land, among dispersed buildings and through a part of a city with a compact structure of single-family detached homes. There are many recreational areas near the route, including sports fields, playgrounds and outdoor gyms. Since 2020, a Family Bike Ride “Along the narrow-gauge track” takes place here, enjoying huge interest. A bicycle tour on this route is a great way to spend time actively with family and friends. It is worth noting the scenic landscapes of the Miechów Upland. The originality of the route lies also in the history of these lands. At the service point for cyclists, there are information boards on the history of the Miechów narrow-gauge railway and a locomotive resembling the one that once used to run on the Charsznica-Działoszka route.
A bicycle tour is one of the best healthy ways to spend free time. Bicycle is a clean and environmentally friendly form of transport that lets you avoid large concentrations of people and crowded places. At this special time, we encourage you to opt for active tourism. This non-contact form of sport has a good effect on your fitness and breathing system. “Along the narrow-gauge track” will make you explore the interesting areas surrounding Miechów, enjoy the rich vegetation, and the history of the Miechów narrow-gauge railway. The route is open and accessible to tourist at any time of the day, so traffic on the route is smooth and you will not meet large groups there. It is worth to continue being a tourist, simply trying out the forms of tourism in which we will be the safest.
The bicycle route runs from the forest of Chodówki, through ul. Podmiejska, ul. Folusz, ul. Kopernika, ul Wspólna, ul. Szewska, ul Łąkowa and ul. Graniczna to end in Bukowska Wola.