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Wieża widokowa Magurki

Observation Tower, Magurki

Drewniana wieża widokowa na szczycie góry, otoczona lasem.
Ochotnica Dolna
The tower is located on the peak of Magurki, on the side ridge of the Gorce massif, right on the border of Gorce National Park.

The construction of a roofed 30-metre tower had a significant impact on the popularity of this peak. There are two routes to get to Magurki. The first route leads from Forendówki in Ochotnica Górna along the Wallachian Culture Trail, and the second one starts in Jaszcze, then follows the green educational trail along the Jaszcze Creek Valley. If you follow the first trail, turn right at the wooden sculpture of a highlander, and go into the woods – the trail is marked with signs. On the way you will pass Kurnytowa Koliba, which was built in 1839, and during World War II it was used as a partisan base. American pilots who survived the shooting down of the "California Rocket" bomber by the Germans also hid there. At that point, all you need to do is climb uphill along a rather sharp incline. After reaching the peak and climbing up the observation tower, you can enjoy beautiful views of Gorce National Park, as well as Beskid Sądecki, Island Beskid and the Tatra Mountains. The tower also has information boards with panoramas of the mountains with descriptions.

It is worth adding that about 1.5 kilometres from the tower, along the Jaszcze Creek Valley trail, you can find the crash site of the "California Rocket” – a Liberator-class bomber which crashed there on 18 December 1944.