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Wieża widokowa Szpilówka Iwkowa

Lookout tower Szpilówka Iwkowa

Krajobraz widziany z lotu ptaka, a ukazujący wieżę widokową na Szpilówce w Iwkowej otoczoną przez las liściasty. W tle widać liczne wzniesienia, pagórki, wspaniały widok na całe Pogórze Wiśnickie.
The lookout tower at Szpilówka (516 m a.s.l.) is located in Iwkowa – a picturesque village at Pogórze Wiśnickie.
The tower has been available to tourists since it was opened in May 2019. It is as many as 30 metres tall – from its top, we can admire the enchanting landscape of Beskid Wyspowy, Beskid Sądecki or Pogórze Rożnowskie. The trail leading to the tower is very interesting to the eye – you can come across a hermit’s hut, an old shrine and a beautiful view of Iwkowa and learn a small portion of history from information boards located beside the tower. Near the tower structure, there is an arbour and benches where you can sit comfortably. It is also worth sightseeing Iwkowa at the foot of Szpilówka – a place famous for dried plum, bread baking and a charming church from the Wooden Architecture Route.