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Winnica Amonit

Amonit Vineyard

Na zdjęciu widać rzędy krzewów winorośli w winnicy amonit. Soczyste kolory tworzą fantastyczną kompozycję, a malowniczy pejzaż w tle uzupełnia całość.
Aleja Parkowa 41, 32-043 Cianowice
tel. +48 665749144
A vineyard on a slope by the Korzkiewka Valley.
The vineyard was established in 2008, when its owner – Marcin Niemiec – made the decision to plant several rows of vines in fertile rendzina soil near his house. At present, the vineyard covers an area of 45 ares and features three varieties of grapes – solaris and johanniter used for making white wines, as well as regent used for red wines. The wines from the Amonit Vineyard are brought to many tastings, where they always gather stellar reviews. After the plans of expanding the plantation come to fruition, the wines will be available in restaurants and wine shops.