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Ojcowski Park Narodowy
Estimated travel time: 05:00
Scale of difficulty: For intermediates
Length of trail: 7 km
Ojców Tourist region: Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska
The route presents the most important tourist attractions of “Polish Switzerland”
The route presents the most important tourist attractions of “Polish Switzerland”
1) Krakow Gate
Time of arrival: 40 min, Sightseeing time: 10 min

Centuries ago, interesting rock formations, so-called rock gates, were created in the Valley of Prądnik. One of them is the Krakow Gate with a height of approx. 15 m. According to tradition, this was the trade route from Silesia to Krakow, but this thesis is not confirmed in any sources.

2) Dark Cave
Time of arrival: 15 min, Sightseeing time: 10 min

One of the greatest attractions in Ojców National Park is the Dark Cave. It is located in Koronna Mountain. It was the oldest human seat in Poland - 120,000 years ago, a group of Neanderthals temporarily stayed here and hunted; they left tools behind. The cave begins with an initial chamber and then turns into a narrow corridor. At its bottom there are alluvial deposits, and at the end you can see plunge pools. Unfortunately, speleothem was destroyed in the 19th century during the cave research.

3) Viewpoint on Jonaszówka
Time of arrival: 45 min, Sightseeing time: 10 min

In the Ojców National Park in the Valley of Prądnik there is a 20-meter rock called Jonaszówka. On the top of the rock, there is a viewpoint, from which you can admire Ojców and the surrounding area. At the top surrounded with railings, there is an information board with a panoramic view of the area.

4) What can you see in the Ojców National Park?
Time of arrival: 20 min, Sightseeing time: 10 min

In the Ojców National Park, you can see, among others, castles in Ojców and Pieskowa Skalł, a chapel on the water, a hermitage of Blessed Salomea. The whole area is abundant in various rock forms and caves.

5) Ruins of the knight castle
Time of arrival: 30 min, Sightseeing time: 20 min

The Knight Castle in Ojców from the 13th century was expanded in the second half of the 14th century by Casimir the Great. Considerably damaged during the Swedish Deluge, it was restored in 1660. Currently, it is ruined. A Gothic entry gate and an octagonal tower with stone bossages (from the 14th century), fragments of the castle chapel walls and circumferential walls.

6) Chapel on the water
Time of arrival: 15 min, Sightseeing time: 10 min

In the late 19th century, Tsar Nicholas II, who exercised jurisdiction over Ojców, issued a decree prohibiting construction of any sacred objects in the area. Anti-Catholic and anti-religious activities were one of the basic forms of Russification. As it turned out, however, the regulation was not formulated precisely. Without breaking the law, a chapel was built not on the ground, but on the water.

7) King Łokietek Cave
Time of arrival: 45 min, Sightseeing time: 20 min

The King Łokietek Cave, also known as the Royal Cave, is located on the slope of Chełmowa Góra Mountain. The entrance to the cave leads through a narrow rock gap, from which two corridors extend: one is a so-called Bedroom, the other one - a Kitchen. In 1927, the cave was categorised as a monument. It owes its name to the legend about Władysław Łokietek, who was to shelter inside, hiding from the forces of Czech King Wenceslaus II.

8) End - return to the car park

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