Museum of the Greek Catholic Church of St. Cosmas and Damian

Cerkiew grekokatolicka pw. ŚŚw. Kosmy i Damiana

The current church, which is a branch of the Karwacjan and Gałdysz Manors in Gorlice Museum (Muzeum Dwory Karwacjanów i Gałdyszów w Gorlicach), is the third Eastern Orthodox church built since the village of Bartne was founded. The first one most likely burned down, although some of its icons have survived. Today, two of them, the sovereign-tier icons of Christ and Mary, can be seen in the iconostasis. The second, built in 1758, replaced the first. The church is located on a hill, as is often the case with this type of church but it is not oriented; the chancel of the church faces north. In 1842, the church underwent major renovations. This date can be seen on the lintel of the western portal. The renovations included the tower, whose columns were placed on boulders, but the columns themselves likely came from the old structure. The last major renovations of the building were carried out in 1968–1970. Once again, its great importance for both the culture and the history of the region was confirmed then. Coating the outside of the church with paint turned it into a unique phenomenon in terms of colour in the entire Lemko culture. The Austrian coins found between the foundation and the framework indicate that the church was renovated after 1895. The church has log walls supported by three types of joints, the most common being the so-called 'dovetail joint'. In several cases, so-called 'butt joints' without protruding log ends were used. It was not possible to classify the joints used between the walls of the diaconicon and the rest of the structure. Their uniqueness may be a result of the fact that this room was added onto the original structure. Inside the church, we can see the original 19th-century iconostasis with Carpathian icons typical for the region. We can also see a typical ark-shaped altar and an atypical side-altar. The permanent exhibition is noteworthy. The section in the vestibule concerns the colour schemes of Lemko churches, the part in the nave is about the theology of icons, and the one in the chancel deals with the history of the Greek Catholic parish in Bartne.

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