Tinsmithing, Rajcowska Tower, Biecz

Tinsmithing and coppersmithing are represented by the tools of the craft and the handiwork of the smiths, such as soldering irons, profiles, tongs, pots, bowls, brass and copper pans, samovars, and coffee grinders. The exhibition includes a 17th-century tiled stove, a 16th-century tiled stove finial, a 19th-century tile rosette, and 19th/20th-centurydouble and triple vessels, jugs, clay pipes, and toy whistles, all made of clay. Additionally, the exhibition is enriched by Gothic bricks (so-called 'placówki'), 15th-century floor tiles, and a fragment of a 16th-century portal. The exhibition of scales and measuring devices is represented by wooden grain measures, measures in the form of woven baskets (made of spruce roots, among other materials), and clay and tin measures for portioning honey. Additionally, there are balance scales and decimal scales, as well as steelyard balances.

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