Trumpet Call, Biecz

In historical times, the trumpeter on the town hall tower played the 'dawn', 'noon', and 'dusk', thus announcing the time of day. In the event of a threat to the city from an enemy, the trumpeter sounded an alarm – a signal to close the gates and prepare the city for defence. Sources referring to the trumpeter come from the 16th century. On May 8th, 1569 on St. Stanislaus Day at 10 a.m., the town hall tower collapsed, and a young trumpeter died during the catastrophe. The trumpet call was recreated from pre-war records at the request of the Friends of Biecz and the Lands of Biecz Society (Towarzystwo Przyjaciół Biecza i Ziemi Bieckiej) and can be heard daily at noon.

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