Stonemasonry, Rajcowska Tower, Biecz

It’s impossible to overlook the quern-stones for grinding grain and the 18th/19th century stone cross from the Biecz area, and he sewing workshop from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries is no less noteworthy; it belonged to the last master shoemaker in Biecz, Bronisław Wodziński. The workshop is equipped with shoemaking and leatherworking tools, including a template for cutting out the upper parts of shoes, a decorative court horse harness, leather presses for making harnesses, the so-called 'żuczek' and 'piesek' – tools for taking off shoes – officer's boots from the 1918–1939 period, and women's bootees. The watchmaking workshop with tools is interesting as well. The exhibition also includes a carpentry and lutherie workshop with tool cabinets and a wheelwrighting workshop from the 19th century. The wheelwright's workshop consists of a wood lathe with an attachment for adding spokes, and a number of wheelwrighting tools such as tabs and dies for making wooden screws and wheels for carts with wooden spokes and wheel hubs. The exhibition dedicated to the cooper's profession includes, among other things, a workbench with woodcarving tools, axes, and saws. There are also small but important implements such as butter churns, a trencher for shaping bread loaves, and many more.

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