Shrines and Cemetery No. 108

In the church's courtyard are shrines marking the Stations of the Cross, placed there by the monastery's guardiano, Jan Argiel. These were the first shrines of this kind at a church of Małopolska reformists. By the wall on the courtyard is a four-sided brick chapel from 1912 with a folk sculpture of Christ at the column from the mid-19th century. There is also a statue of the legionnaire Czesław Wawro – a soldier in the First World War. In front of the entrance to the courtyard is a First World War cemetery, No. 108.46 soldiers are buried in the cemetery (4 soldiers from the Austrian-Hungarian Army and 42 from the Russian Army), including 11 whose identities are unknown. The main element of the cemetery is the wooden cross; the graves are arranged in rows and surrounded by a curb. At their head of each grave is an iron cross set in a concrete pedestal.

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