Bryndza podhalańska

Bryndza podhalańska
Without bryndza, Podhale cuisine practically does not exist. It is used as an addition to, for example, pierogi, pancake stuffing, as well as dumplings, noodles, salads or used as a bread spread.

Bryndza Podhalańska is a soft rennet cheese with a white, cream-white or light aquamarine colour. The taste of bryndza is salty and spicy, sometimes becoming very spicy. It all depends on the quality of the milk from which it was made. The production of one kilogram of cheese requires 4 to 6 litres of milk. It comes from sheep of the Polska Owca Górska breed, possibly with an admixture of milk from Polska Krowa Czerwona breeds, but the content of the latter cannot, however, exceed 40 percent. The taste of Bryndza Podhalańska may vary slightly, for example depending on the season: it is produced from May to September, and the September one is, according to experts, the most intense in taste. Bryndza Podhalańska was the first Polish product to be entered into the EU register of protected products. This happened in 2007. Production takes place in a strictly defined area, in the Nowy Targ and Tatra poviats and in six communes of the Żywiec poviat.

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