Cemetery No. 109, Biecz

Cmentarz nr 109 z okresu I wojny światowej

271 soldiers are buried in the cemetery (126 soldiers from the Austrian-Hungarian Army, 137 soldiers from the Russian Army and 8 soldiers from the German Army), including 114 unknown soldiers. The cemetery is rectangular; an iron gate located between two semi-circular bastions leads inside. The main element of the cemetery is the tall wooden Latin cross, the graves are arranged in rows and the plots are surrounded by a curb. Some of the tombstones have the shape of an iron Latin cross with a widened base and the date '1915' at the intersection of the arms. The crosses are set on concrete pedestals. The remaining tombstones are iron Lorraine crosses widening at the ends of the arms, set on low concrete pedestals. Plaquettes with the names of the fallen are placed on the crosses.

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