Orthodox Church of St. Michael the Archangel, Brunary

The former Greek Catholic Church of St. Michael the Archangel, now a Roman Catholic church, is built in a northern-western-Lemko style – wooden, with a  log structure and a pillar-type tower. The walls of the church are covered with vertical boards and partially shingled (tower). The nave and former chancel (the temple was expanded in 1830–31) are covered with a common tented roof, while the chancel is covered with a multi-pitched roof. All parts of the building (the church porch, nave, and chancel) were crowned with bulbous tented roofs with illusory lanterns. The original part is built without the use of nails. The part preceding the church – the church porch or vestibule (kruchta, babiniec) – depicts the sinful, unsanctified world, which was closely identified with hell. The symbolism of iconography, sculptures and decorations found in churches depicting this unsanctified reality was also connected with this place. The vestibule, often called 'prywor', symbolically connects the church to the outside world, i.e., the world outside the congregation of believers. On the territory of Poland, this part is known as 'babiniec', which is a borrowing from Old Polish. It was originally intended for catechumens and women, and since the 17th century when medieval customs were relaxed it has had a purely symbolic function. At the entrance stands what had been a baptismal font from the early 16th century. It currently serves as an aspersorium for holy water. Confessionals are not used in Orthodox churches because in Eastern Christianity, confessions are by ear and  are given standing. In the Catholic rite, it is an indispensable element for this sacrament. The wooden choir is supported on two columns decorated with bas-reliefs with a vine motif. In 1988 it was moved above the entrance door, back to its original place. Before, it stood by the west wall of the nave. In the choir is an old, non-functional pump organ from 1921. The new electric organ was imported from Germany in 2009.

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