The House Where Everything Began

We wnętrzu nawiązującym do apteki, przy ścianach są drewniane szafki, prezentowane sa zdjecia dawnych Wadowic i ich mieszkańców.

This is the tenement house where Karol Wojtyła, son of Emilia and Karol, was born in a flat on the upper floor on 18 May 1920. Today, it houses the Museum of the Family Home of Pope John Paul II opened on 9 April 2014 – the first museum in the world that tells the story of the life and activities of the Pope from Wadowice. Passing through the 16 zones on the four floors of the building, occupying 1,200 m2, one can learn about the successive stages in the life of Karol Wojtyła – John Paul II: from his family home in Wadowice where ‘everything began’ to the whole world that became his home. One can also discover the pre-war Wadowice, go to the mountains with the Pope, learn about the historical context of his activities and experience his 104 pastoral visits. The Museum also allows visitors to accompany John Paul II on his ‘departure to the House of the Father’ and explore his path to holiness. The exhibition shows a man who grew up in a small town in Małopolska learning respect, dialogue, openness and understanding of different cultures, allows visitors to ‘journey back in time’ and understand how important the first 18 years of life spent in Wadowice were for John Paul II. The Museum contains almost 200 authentic memorabilia from the life of John Paul II and his family and 140 archival photographs. It harmoniously combines the use of modern technological solutions and multimedia with the traditional display of exhibits.


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