House with a Tower Biecz

Dom z Basztą

The house with a tower is a historical tenement from 1523. This building housed Subcarpathia's first pharmacy, opened in 1557 by the pharmacist Marcin Barian Rokicki and named Pod głową niedźwiedzia (Under the Bear's Head). The pharmacy in this building existed until the end of the 17th century. The building houses an exhibition: ‘From the Subcarpathia Region’s Pharmaceutical Past ’ – old pharmacy cellars with equipment, a laboratory, the interior of a 19th-century pharmacy, materials for making medicines, glassware and tools used in pharmaceutical work from the 16th through the20th centuries. The exhibition is complemented by portraits of pharmacists from Biecz, diplomas, old medical prints, and the book collection of the Fusk family of pharmacists. ‘From the Musical Past of Biecz and the Region’ is an exhibition of old and newer musical instruments from the 18th to 20th centuries, used and made in Biecz and its region. ‘Burgher Culture of the 19th and20th Centuries’ presents a burgher living room from the 19th century, uniforms and burgher clothing, and historical paintings. Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque workshop sculpture by woodcarvers from Biecz as well as 16th–17th-century religious painting and 16th–18th-century portraits can be seen. The five floors of the Rajcowska Tower present the old crafts Biecz was famous for: tools, crafted objects, and documents of various crafts.


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