Spa House, Wapienne

Oszklony Dom Zdrojowy.

Wapienne is the smallest spa in Poland. It is located in the Wapienka stream valley at the foot of the north-western edge of the Magura Wątkowska range. The local sources maintain that the benefits of local springs were known as early as the 17th century. In the early 19th century, this was where Napoleon’s soldiers were getting better after the Moscow defeat. Mildly mineralised sulphidic and hydrosulphidic water is the main wealth of Wapienne. The biological influence of such water on human body is diuretic, desensitizing, anti-inflammatory and stimulating for the digestive glands among other things.

The spa was modernised in recent years. For example, the communication network was rebuilt with new pedestrian and cycling paths as well as car parks with technical facilities and a fountain. A brine graduation tower, an amphitheatre with a playground and a viewing tower were also built for patients staying in the spa. To climb the tower, one has to go to the top of the Ferdel mountain first and then climb 110 stairs. The excursion is worth the effort thanks to the beautiful view of the distant ridges of the Beskid Sądecki and even the Tatra mountains if the weather is good.

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