Dining Room, Dołęga Manor House

In the Dołega Manor House, there are around a dozen pieces from the incomplete ‘bird’ tableware set which belonged to the Sanguszko princes. 19th-century set. Currently, the set includes 507 different types of tableware. It probably had been larger, with pieces made to order in Meissen at various times. The tableware set consisted of breakfast, lunch, and dessert parts and a tea and coffee service. The name of the set derives from its main decorative motif, multicoloured birds, indigenous to this region of Europe, sitting on branches, painted in the centre of each piece. The edges of the plates are decorated with four symmetrically placed insects and a strip of delicate basket weave of the Alt-Ozier type. It was a decorative element introduced in the 1830s by the porcelain factory in Meissen, where this set was made.

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