Dołęga Manor House

Completed in 1848, the Manor House in Dołęga is a typical example of a 19th-century noble’s manor house. It is a south-west facing building, originally built of larch, with a whitewashed facade. The manor has a horseshoe shape with the two wings forming a small inner courtyard not visible from the front. The building has a raised porch supported by two pillars. The manor is surrounded by a garden, orchard, and a park with mainly deciduous trees: lindens, maples, and oaks. The total area of the park complex is about 2 hectares. The first manor house in Dołęga, which no longer exists, was situated on the opposite side of the road on the site of the present campsite. The old manor house was still remembered by Jadwiga Wolska Tumidajska, the last owner of the current manor house. It had been built by her great-grandfather, the first secular owner of the village of Dołęga.

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