The manor house Krzykawka

Dworek w Krzykawce

The manor house in Krzykawka was built in the early 18th century. In the 19th century it received a column portico that probably replaced arcades. The manor is wooden but plastered, covered with a Kraków-style roof and partially cellared. Its owners were: Romiszewskis, Łęskis, Chodorowiczes, Goszczyńskis, Zubrzyckis, and Gaszyńskis. Before his death, Gaszyński bequeathed his estate to his daughter Maria, the wife of Antoni Bogucki, a senator in the second term of the Polish Republic (1931–1935). The park and garden surrounding the manor were well-maintained and well-tended. In front of the building, there were flowerbeds descending towards the south to the hedge enclosing the garden. In July 1942, the Germans occupied all the land and peasant farms in Krzykawka. After the war, Lady Bogucka returned to the Krzykawka manor for a short time. In 1950, the Bogucki estate was transferred to the state treasury as ‘Folwark Krzykawka’ (Krzykawka Farm). In the 1980s, after extensive renovation, a branch of the Cultural Centre and a branch of the Bolesław Library were placed here.

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