Kitchen Regional Chamber Andrychów

Kuchnia. Fragment wystawy

In 1750, Franciszek Szwarcenberg-Czerny, the then owner of the Andrychów estate, obtained the right to hold fairs in his village. This right was usually reserved only for cities. These fairs attracted merchants and buyers, often from very far away, and all of them had to be fed. During Andrychów's fairs, in addition to bread, you could buy a sweet bun or gingerbread. There must have been a lot of bakers in Andrychów, since already in 1757, they established their own crafts guild, which millers also joined. 19th-century written wedding customs inform that the wealthier Andrychów housewives took their 'kołacze' (ring-shaped wedding cakes) to be baked in the local bakeries for their convenience. The custom of baking yeast pies by the inhabitants of Andrychów continued (albeit on a smaller scale) until the 1960s in coal-fired bakeries. Because of this, the 'neighbours' nicknamed Andrychów's inhabitants 'plackorze' ('pie-bakers') - 'because all they do is bake pies'. In 1935, with great resistance, Andrychów's bakers' guild admitted the first and only female master baker, Anna Bylica.


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