Craft room Regional Chamber Andrychów

Fragment wystawy w sali rzemiosła

In the crafts room no. 3, there is an exhibition dedicated to the oldest guild established in Andrychów, in 1741. It gathered blacksmiths, locksmiths, carpenters, and wheelwrights. The speciality of the guild was the so-called 'Andrychów cart' ('bryka andrychowska'), i.e., a three-horse fitted cart with a built-in chest for linen fabrics with which merchants travelled abroad. This cart was very useful in the period of the greatest prosperity of the Andrychów weaving, but it lost its usefulness with the development of iron railways. It was also an excellent example of local cooperation between craftsmen. Associations of Andrychów weavers often and gladly cooperated with local representatives of other professions: wheelwrights, leatherworkers, carpenters, blacksmiths, dyers, linen-pressers, or tinsmiths. The market success of the weavers was reflected in the local economic situation and contributed to the economic and industrial growth of the entire Andrychów area.


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