How to recognise us?

Duże zielone kwadraty ułozone w stoisko wystawiennicze.
A cohesive system of visual materials is the basic tool for creating the MSIT brand.

Visual Identification System specifies the rules for using the MSIT logo, the outdoor signage of TI units, tourist signage throughout the region, equipment and employee clothing.

In accordance with MSIT standards and the system’s visual identification, all 39 Tourist Information units that are part of MSIT are characterised by unified interior design and equipment, which creates a recognisable element of the MSIT brand.

TI units that are part of MSIT are located in areas that are easily accessible for tourists, within city centres or close to the region’s tourist attractions.

All TI units will be provided with information and promotional materials (2 million copies printed) with a unified design and featuring the MSIT logo.